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Crazy Harley Quinn fails – Long feet tickle, licking toes and straitjacket + gag

Definition - 1080P
Length - 41:48


Harley Quinn has fun, she walks in a crazy dance and listens to music.
But as soon as she goes out the door, she gets captured by an unknown avenger girl…
Now Harley is tied to a bench and a girl with red dreadlocks wants to have fun with her.

She cuts Harley’s suit at the feet area and begins to enjoy the tickling of her bare soles. Then she begins to lick her attractive feet – Harley just laughs at her and enjoys it too.
And now, all jokes aside, Harley suffers a strong tickle by stranger’s hands. Then she licks Harley’s feet again.
An unknown woman begins to tickle Harley’s body through a suit, revealing ticklish places on her armpits and sides – Harley is already gone mad.

After some time, Harley is in an even more difficult situation, she is chained in a straitjacket and now her toes are tied. The tickling with nails, sticks and an electro-toothbrush awaits her. During this time, Harley loses her mind even more.
In the end, she is awaited by a gag and a strong tickling of her feet using oil.

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