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Crazy ticklish Sandra in stocks

Length - 29:24
- 1080P -
Published 21 September, 2022

Hello friends I present Sandra, our new model. She is a rock metal lover and likes the cane, so you are going to witness an authentic tickle hell without mercy for 28 long minutes. Sandra has never been tickled and is truly excited and excited about this experience. As soon as I start I admit to being much more ticklish than I thought, which encourages me to be truly evil. She starts screaming and begging for clemency as she squirms completely with laughter, even though she really wants it not to stop. Sandra is really expressive and despite being completely immobilized, she bounces and jumps like the exorcist’s girl while tickling as if there were no tomorrow.

Her feet tremble and she twists her toes as she screams when she uses the brush and toothbrush on the soles of her feet. I have to admit that this is the first time a ticklee has resisted me and I admit that despite tickling her very hard I did not get her to say the safety word throughout the session, which encourages me to have a next meeting with her.

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