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Cynthia & April’s TV Night

Cynthia and April are totally in love with domination since they had humiliated this loser for the first time! They had so much fun that they wanted to do it again! This time they both want to use his loser face as a footstool while they are watching television! They felt like something was missing on the floor so Cynthia just claps her fingers to call this loser slave! They make him lay down on the floor in front of their feet and both take their shoes off to completely cover his face with their sweaty socks! The smell was really strong since they have been wearing those socks for like four-five days in a row for their challenge so they just can’t stop laughing at his face!

Cynthia now wants him to lick the dirty bottom of her socks just to add on his humiliation! April also wants to do it since he must tastes all kind of different socks! The girls also want him to take their socks off with his teeth so it is kind of another challenge! They are now ready to rub their smelly bare feet all over his face just for their own pleasure!

How do you feel now with our four feet in your face loser? Cynthia and April now just enjoy this moment of glory by making him lick the bottom of their sweaty soles! They also want to feel what it’s like to have his wet tongue in between their toes so they both try that experience! This is another very hot clip with those beautiful princesses! Just click on the “BuyNow” Button! (French Language)

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