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Daisy's Financial Domination


Length - 04:13
- 1080P -
Published 17 October, 2021

Daisy is coming back from a long day shopping so she thought it would be just the perfect time for a foot worship session! She knows her slave is already addicted to her feet so that’s why she takes advantage and ask for extra money! My feet are really sweaty in my boots actually so you’ll have to pay me a hundred dollar if you wanna smell them! Her slave can’t resist to this offer so he just gives her the bills and take her boots off! Her feet were so fuckin’ smelly!

All day long in her boots without socks! That was sick! she rubs her feet all over his face with a smile while counting her twenty dollar bills! I bet you’d love to taste my juicy sweat from my soles with your tongue right? She wants an extra hundred bucks for this! She makes him lick the bottom of her soles and let him wipe her tongue in between each of her toes! That was a hot and expensive foot worship session!

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