Darina Nikitina - Hot upper body tickling

Length – 18:09 – 1080P

In this video, Darina is fixed on a bench, and I tickle her upper body. She’s wearing a strapped bikini and short denim shorts.
The highlight of this clip is way how Darina is tied. At first, her arms are fixed softly which allows her to move and twitch from tickling.

Then I press the button and the rope pulls her arms tighter back, thereby stretching Darina on the bench. As a result, she is completely fixed on the bench with her arms strongly stretched out and her body is completely in the power of tickling fingers…

She has ticklish armpits and knowing this, I deliberately tickle them. She also has an excellent response to tickling around her bellybutton. She laughs sweetly and squirms but has no chance to escape the tickling…

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