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Darya plays and mocks Kate Anima's feet


Length - 18:48
- 1080P -
Published 26 March, 2021

This is Darya’s rematch. Before that, Kate Anima did something alike with Darya’s feet: Kate Anima enjoys and punishes Darya’s feet
The clip begins with Kete Anima already tied to the bench with straps. She is ready and Darya approaches her. Darya wants to take revenge and enjoy the feet on her bound and barefoot friend. Darya uses a whip and bamboo cane as punishment devices. After whipping her feet, Darya licks them. Darya is a lesbian and she can’t resist kissing Kate Anima. She passionately kisses her and then shuts her mouth with a ball gag.

After that, she again continues to cane soles of ball gagged Kate with, alternating blows with licking and biting her toes. At some point, she picks up a comb and roughly tickles Anima’s feet. Kate’s feet became very sensitive and susceptible to tickling after the whipping. Darya gets pleasure from the process. As a result, she takes out the gag and makes Kate count blows with a stick on her feet. Anima obeys and endures. In the end, Darya sets fire to the candles and starts driving them close to her victim’s soles and dripping hot wax on Kate’s soles.
I watched the reaction of Kate Anima during the clip and realized that she loves such BDSM games.

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