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Daughter on Mother - Agnes really suffers


Length : 18:20

Let’s go back again with the mother – daughter duo ! Agnes is back with her feet still in the stocks, but this time her arms are tied above her head so that her upperbody is totally vulnerable ! Virginie and the tickler can tickle the poor victime for head to toe … and that’s exactly what they do ! Her daughter has a lot of fun tormenting her poor mother, who did not know how ticklish she really was before this shoot ! Agnes’ upperbody is probably most ticklish than her feet even if she got pretty decent reactions when tickled on this area too. Her sides and her ribs might be her weak point and they receive a lot of tickling during this scene !

During the first two minutes you’ll see Agnes getting strapped in the stocks and tied up. You can see her joking a bit with the tickler while her daughter teases her. The last minutes, you will have the duo’s interview after their shoot. But don’t worry, Virginie also had a second tickle scene that will be available soon 🙂 !

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