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Detective Polina is out of business tonight. Fetish movie

Definition - 1080P
Length - 35:26


This is a custom video, it was made based on the script from our customer.
An hour length fetish film for bondage and tickling fans, including bondage in action, toe-ties, and beautiful Polina’s feet.

Outfit: tight jeans, top, already barefoot

Details: Tying on screen with rope, big toes tied by a very thin long string. Breast-roping. Gagged as mentioned in the script.

Detective Polina is relaxing (barefoot) on the sofa studying a surveillance system to be ready for her important surveillance job tonight. Before putting everything together, she decides to take a nap. As she wants to take off her clothes, she gets overtaken by a masked man and brought back to the sofa.

Polina is sitting on the sofa with already tied hands and legs and asks him what he wants.
– “Just keep you busy for tonight!” – He puts few stripes of tape over her mouth, breast-ropes her, ties her legs, puts her on the sofa hogties her, goes behind her legs ties her wriggling big toes together with a very thin long string. He comes back with some oil he found in the bathroom and lubricates her soles and between her toes. He tickles her just for fun. Polina struggles like hell, then he leaves her alone searching for her phone so she can’t call for help.

Polina was able to get free herself, goes down the stairways to get out. , in all the hurry she forgot the key and has to go back. As she turns around to go back, she gets overtaken by the masked man and brought back, up the stairs with one hand over her mouth.
Polina stands beside the lantern with already tied hands and legs.
– “Well, detective Polina this was very stupid.”
Polina tells him to leave her alone and get lost or else..  Ha, I think not,  puts few stripes of tape over her mouth, breast-ropes, ties her to the lantern, ties her feet also to the lantern.
– “You are very feisty Polina. I saw a bench back there well I get some more ropes and then let’s have some fun before I leave, are you in?!”
Polina rolls her eyes, then he leaves her alone to get the stuff.

Polina is already tied onto the bench as he ties her legs, hogties her then he takes off the tape and puts a huge ball-gag in her protesting mouth. He goes behind her legs ties her wriggling dirty big toes together. Polina is not happy at all and the starts to tickle her soles and toes with a feather and a brush. Then he leaves her alone for some struggling to make a call that everything is ok and that she’s “out” for tonight.

Polina is almost an escape artist and got out of tied-toes, hog-tie, tied legs and tied to the bench. She’s sitting on the bench and tries to grab the scissors on the floor with her toes as he comes back.
– “Damn you are good! Well, in this case, I really have to tie you up tight.” – He takes off the ball-gag
– “So Polina you have anything to say?”
– “Fuck off you…” – were her last word. He puts few stripes of tape over her mouth.
– “This should keep you quiet enough!”
Down on the floor, he ties her feet the puts her in a tight hogtie, ties her wriggling big toes also tight together. Polina grumbles, moans and spreads her toes. He decides to ties all her toes together and adds another string from her tied toes to her arms.
– “This should keep you busy for tonight.”
Detective Polina who is boiling with rage and making big eyes. Then he leaves her alone for the final struggling.

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