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Do not enter the forbidden door! – Klavdia and Agata in a hopeless napping position + Foot worship and tickling

By Dero

Klavdia comes to see a new apartment. A mysterious stranger was waiting for her inside. He shows the girl the apartment and tells her that one room is forbidden for visiting, his stuff is stored there.
When the landlord left, Klavdia calls her friend and asked to come to see the apartment with her. The girl is tormented by curiosity and she decides to take a look into the forbidden room that was open.

When she steps in, she notices many silk scarves on a bed. Why they are here… Klavdia loves silk and starts trying on scarves. Suddenly, the man appears from behind and puts the beauty to rest, knocking her onto the bed. Here he examines her body and checks her eyes, then ties her arms and legs, as well as her eyes with silk scarves.

At this time, her friend Agata had already come to the apartment, but no one answered her. Agata decides to go inside, she takes off her shoes and starts looking for her friend. Going into the bedroom, Agata sees her tied-up friend, she begins to wake her up, but then the landlord grabs her and pus the shocked Agata to rest. He ties Agata and puts her next to her friend.

When Klavdia wakes up, she begins to wake up her friend – Agata immediately wakes up and the girls are trying to get out of captivity. But the landlord is on the alert. He asks Klavdia what she is ready for for the sake of freedom, Klavdia nods – for everything! Then he makes her kiss Agata’s feet, this amuses him.

Then he takes Klavdia to another room and ties her to a chair, then he puts her to rest and returns to Agata. He wakes up the girl and orders her to put on the most beautiful headscarf.
After that, he gives her a chance to help her friend, but then comes up from behind and puts Agata to rest after a long struggle on the floor.

Then he puts Agata on a chair next to her friend and ties her with scarves and puts a gag in her mouth.
In the end, he decides to tickle the girls and it turns him on.
After that, he puts them to rest for the last time and puts them on the sofa.

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