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Dominion – Mistress Polina vs Astrid the thief : FULL

The main dialogs are subtitled in English
Finally, we publish a clip that was shot a couple of years ago. Astrid is 19 yo here and Polina is 28 yo.
This is the first clip of the trilogy.

The story
Astrid was caught stealing. She was caught by the faithful servant of Mistress Polina. Astrid was taken to Mrs. Polina.
– Did you want to steal something from me?
– No!
– You’re lying to me
– No please. I beg you
– Hey you! Prepare this bitch for me!
Astrid is stripped to her underwear, he puts leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles. He orders Astrid to kneel before the lady.
– I want to play with you, babe!

Astrid is fixed on a chair. Mrs. Polina interrogates her who she is and what she does here. Then Astrid gets a ballgag between her teeth and blindfold. Mrs. Polina tickles Astrid’s armpits and belly, and her faithful servant tickles Astrid’s feet. After a while, he removes the bandage and ballgag and continues to tickle. Mrs. Polina enjoys the torment of a captured thief.
– And now oil her feet and then we’ll proceed to the next stage of torture
Now Astrid is sitting on a chair against the wall. Her hands are fixed with a chain at the top of her head. Her feet are raised and fixed on the bench. Polina’s servant lubricates her soles with oil. Polina stands next to the Astrid and revels her power and helplessness of her new toy.
– Her feet are ready, my Mistress
– Great! Whip her soles!
The servant begins to beat Astrid with a stick on her feet. Mrs. Polina stands next to Astrid and enjoys her suffering.
– And now leave us, I want to play with her in private
The servant leaves. Mrs. Polina sits down next to Astrid’s feet and starts to tickle them. She alternately tickles each foot with various devices, a comb, a toothbrush, her nails. Astrid is suffering, and Mrs. Polina is happy.
– And now I have to make a call, take your time. I’ll back soon
Mrs. Polina leaves, Astrid is left alone. Astrid is trying to get out and struggles. Finally, she manages to free her hands…
When Mrs. Polina returns to continue torturing Astrid, there is no one in the room. Astrid pounces on Mrs. Polina…

1st scene. In the last episode, Astrid managed to get out, she grabbed Polina, fixed her undressing until she was laid, laying on her belly on the table.
– What the hell are you doing, crazy bitch?! Untie me immediately!
– I got into your house to steal all your money and the leger and became a new Mistress here.
Astrid tickles feet of the helpless Polina. The Mistress threatens her and dares, but she can do nothing, finding herself in this position.

2nd scene. Polina is hogtied. Astrid tickles her feet with a brush. Suddenly Polina’s servant appears and grabs Astrid. He neutralizes her and fixes her next to Polina in hogtie and puts a ball gag in her mouth.
– Fine, now untie me! – Mistress screams.
– You must be tired, right?
– What are you talking about? Untie me right now!
But the servant inserts a large ballgag into her mouth. Afterward, he begins to tickle the feet of both girls, while they are hogtied on the table. After the servant takes the gag off Astrid:
– Well, babe, I like you and I think we can work together as partners?
Astrid agrees, he unties her.

3rd scene. Polina is fixed on a chair. A gag is inserted into her mouth and a blindfold is put on, after which they begin to tickle her. Astrid tickles the upper body, the servant tickles the feet. At some point, she removes the blindfold and continues to tickle. After the servant offers to rob his mistress.
– I think it’s time to beat the code out of this bitch.
– Yes, exactly. Lubricate her feet with oil!
The torture for Mistress Polina will be continued…

1st scene
Polina is in a quandary. She is fixed with spread legs. Her feet are smeared with oil. Astrid sits nearby and enjoys her dominance over the former mistress. Then Astrid tickles Polina’s feet with pleasure. After that, the servant begins to flog Polina on the feet with a bamboo cane, and she screams. Astrid enjoys the suffering of Polina. Astrid and the servant need a code from her safe, but Polina refuses to speak so she’s forced to endure pain on her soles.
– are you going to speak?
– no please no
– I think we can do it again … Tell me code bitch or you’ll get hurt a lot!
Polina cracks and says the password. The servant decides to betray Astrid and grabs her.

2nd scene
Astrid and Polina are sitting on chairs. Their hands are fixed behind their backs, their legs are raised by chains up. Their mouths are shut up and a grunting mooing comes from under the gags.
– okay, my bitches, now I’m the Master here and I got all wanted. I’m going to torture your feet until you will be very quiet
He tickles the feet of two defenseless girls. He uses various devices for tickling. After he enjoyed tickling them, he takes a bamboo cane and beats the gentle feet of the girls. Then he leaves.
Girls begin to kick and try to get out. Polina manages to free herself, but instead of helping Astrid, she wants to take revenge because of the situation. Polina tickles her and hits Astrid’s feet with the cane.
Suddenly, the masked man reappears and threatens the girls…

3rd scene
Polina and Astrid are very obedient. They sit on their knees and nod dutifully. They have no opportunity to disagree with their new master.
– now you will be my slaves and I want you to tell me that
– we are your slaves (together)
– louder!
– we are your slaves!
– good girls, very well

The main dialogs are subtitled in English Finally, we publish a clip that was shot a couple of years ago. Astrid is 19...
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