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Don’t touch my stuff bitch ! Leya’s punishment

Length - 19:57
- 1080P -
Published 25 March, 2022

Leya shares an apartment with Tonya. She comes back to the apartment one day and Tonya is out. Leya is wearing trainers, which she removes as soon as she enters the apartment. She’s now totally barefoot. She walks on tiptoe over to the couch and takes out her phone. She props her feet on the table and wiggles her toes as she checks her email. After a while, her battery runs out. She needs to find a charger. She gets off the couch and on her tiptoes goes into Tonya’s room where she thinks the charger was left. She looks around the room but can’t find it. Then she kneels down to look under the bed. There she finds a box. Thinking the charger might be in there, she takes out the box and opens the lid. No charger – the box is full of Tonya’s bondage gear!

Leya takes the box and empties the contents on the bed. She gets on the bed, sitting cross-legged, and starts to look at its contents: rope, two sets of handcuffs, a big ball-gag, an electric toothbrush, toe cuffs, etc. By now she’s starting to feel excited because she’s always had a thing for bondage but has never tried it out. She decides to try some self-bondage using the handcuffs on her wrists and feet. She can put herself in a hog cuff by using the toe cuffs to connect the cuffs. Leya hog cuffs herself and starts struggling on the bed, enjoying the feelings of total helplessness. She flexes her fingers and toes and starts to really get into her bondage. But then she hears the front door…
Tonya’s home early!

Leya starts to panic: where are the keys?! She can’t let Tonya see her like this! The keys are on the bed, but she cannot get to them. Tonya starts calling out to see if Leya’s home. When she doesn’t get a reply, Tonya goes to her room, and there she finds Leya hog cuffed and helpless. Seeing the contents of the box on the bed, she knows what’s happened and decides to teach her flatmate a lesson.
– Did you go through my stuff?
– No, sorry, I just looked for a laptop charger.
– You shouldn’t open this box, bitch. I’m going to punish you now for that!

Leya continues asking to be freed. She’s sorry for using Tonya’s gear. But Tonya just isn’t listening anymore. She picks up the ball gag and dangles it in front of Leya’s face. Leya says, “What’s that?! What are you going to do to me ?!” Tonya ignores her and gags Leya. Once she’s gagged she says, “I’m going to let you struggle for a bit. Don’t think you can get free – I’m taking the keys. When I’m ready, I’m going to tickle your bare feet!”

Leya now really starts to struggle as she’s seriously ticklish on her bare feet, which Tonya knows only too well. After being left to struggle, Tonya returns and begins to tickle Leya on her feet, using her fingers, a brush and the electric toothbrush. It’s agony for poor Leya, but what can she do? Tonya takes great delight in teasing her roommate. Tonya keeps this up for a while and then says she needs to pop out again; she’ll free Leya when she gets back. Leya is then left to struggle alone…

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