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Double pleasure with two sexy girls – Long belly button fetish play with Klavdia and Agata

Definition - 1080P
Length - 49:05


Klavdia and Agata come into the room and stroke each other’s bellies, they turn up their shirts and massage their stomachs. Klavdia groans when Agata caresses her navel that is very deep and wide. Then Klavdia enjoys Agata’s belly too.

Later, the girls begin to stretch together on chairs so that their clothes get pulled up, exposing their bellies. They then do it on the bed, moaning and stretching very sexually.

Then, when Agata sat down on the chair again, Klavdia kisses and caresses her belly and navel. Later, the girls change places. Klavdia stretches sexually and Agata tickles her beautiful belly. Now that the girls are on the bed, I massage and tickle their bellies. Then I take the ice and place it on Agata’s stomach. It stays in the navel briefly, then I play with ice and tickle Agata’s belly and navel with my tongue.

I do the same with Klavdia and her stomach and reaction excite me. I happily bite and kiss around her navel, and then the girls play with ice with each other.

Now it’s time to play with hot wax and I take a candle and drip wax onto the girls’ bellies. Agata can’t stand it a lot, so I focus on Klavdia while filling her navel with hot wax.

Then Agata does it for me and then takes ice to cool Klavdia’s navel (she’s blindfolded). Topless Agata kisses and caresses her friend’s belly and then leaves. I say with Klavdia for one last play with wax, then I tickle her and lick her navel.

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