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Length - 30:16 -
Definition - 1080P

Eli goes crazy with full body tickles

This time Eli will be tickled all over her body mercilessly tied up in bed. She is very nervous because she knows that it will be a long therapy and as soon as she begins she laughs and screams as if she were possessed. The tingling starts in her upper body such as armpits, sides, ribs, stomach alternating all areas to catch Eli completely off guard. I will also use my fingers, pens, brushes and some metallic Chinese food chopsticks that will make Eli squirm with laughter. Eli will laugh desperately and beg already in the first part, but immediately after her target will be her little feet that will be tickled mercilessly while she laughs desperately. Also I will tickle her knees legs and she can’t stand this especially when she alternates with her feet. Brush, fingers, pinwheel for her feet until she drives her crazy.

After her I will tie her wrists behind her back and I will stand behind her to tickle her waist, ribs, armpits and stomach again. After driving Eli completely insane, I turn her over on the bed and suck her soles causing Eli a slight tickle as well as arousal after all the previous session. She is exhausted but she can’t stop laughing although softer than before. While she laughs I suck her soles and toes as well as nibble and tickle her with my fingers. In addition to the treatment on her feet, I alternate a little with her legs, sides and thighs.

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