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Elizabeth in tight bound hug with plenty of ropes

By John. Made by request

I sit on a chair, Elizabeth looks at me timidly. She is topless and wears shine thin pantyhose. And she’s tightly bound also. Her hands are tied behind the back at the elbows very tight, her wrists are tied as well with many ropes. The ropes go around her breast and fix her crushed elbows. A crotch rope is tight and holds her in tension. I see in her eyes that she wants more. I squeeze her and then tie her hair so her head remains raised. I put her on the knees and shut her mouth with a big ball gag. Baby gets pleasure from it. I put her on the stomach and tie her legs apart, heel to ass. I use a lot of ropes. The camera shows Elizabeth from different angles.

I remain her kneeling on the floor and step aside to admire her. After I decide to add more ropes. With each new round, Elizabeth becomes more and more helpless and sexier. I put her on the floor and sit on the chair again. The baby rolls around and struggles on the floor, the tightness of the ropes excites her, and sweet moans can be heard from her gagged mouth. She looks into my eyes and flirts with me, her nipples are horny. I put her on the knees and tape her mouth over the ball gag.

After that, I put her back on the stomach and tie her big toes with lace, and then I attach it to the hair rope. The babe is in a very strict frogtie with fixation of the head, she is completely helpless. She feels new sensations of the tightness and number of ropes, and I enjoy the look of a young and tightly bound babe. Enjoy!
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