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Esenya’s torture by fire Test

By request
Fire play with Esenya’s feet! Home girl as a torturer.
Total of 24 minutes of video, few minutes lubricating feet at the beginning, then about 12 minutes flame , then few more minutes oil, then about 5-7 minutes flames at the end.
Scene Summary: Esenya’s ankles and knees tied to a post using rope, wearing underwear. Big toes are tied together with thin string, no knots showing that would cover up the toes or soles. Hands tied behind her back. One camera angle using a tripod.

Esenya struggles on camera on her belly the entire time, feet and face in focus, feet flexing. Toes wiggle and spread. Esenya’s feet are lubricated with oil with a paintbrush by Home girl for few minutes at the beginning. Then the girl Esenya’s feet with a candle flame and long flaming stick. with flames not with wax.
Esenya suffers and screams a lot. Great clip for foot fantasy to your collection. Enjoy!

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