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Exclusive topless Nonna with Ticklish Ulyasha – 25 min of Hysterical tickling on a chair

Ulyasha is tied to a chair with a bag on her head – she is topless, with a ball gag in her mouth, but dressed in a coat under which a breast roping is hidden.
Nonna approaches her victim, she is going to the girl with her usual indifference. She puts her hands under Ulyasha’s coat and tickles her slender body. Ulyasha squeals and laughs.
Then Nonna takes off her bra for the first time and we see her big sexy breasts. The dominant Nonna takes off Ulyasha’s boots and mercilessly tickles her feet with her hands. The bag has already been removed from Ulyasha’s head.
Later Nonna will use various devices on Ulyasha’s feet – a fork, a massive feather, a comb with oil, metal claws, and an electric toothbrush.

Ulyasha’s feet are bent into sexy arches, she is exhausted and screams in hysteria, drool is dripping on her breasts and she laughs incessantly. This is a real hell for her.
Ulyasha spits out the gag and coughs. Now she is being tickled without the gag. Nonna comes up from behind and tickles Ulyasha’s upper body.
In the end, a man does the same tickling with many objects on her feet and then tickles Ulyasha’s body until she is completely exhausted.

Ulyasha is tied to a chair with a bag on her head - she is topless, with a ball gag in her mouth,...
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