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Extreme tickling test (Tied and mummificated)


Length – 12:53

Scene 1.

Foxy is on a chair, hands tied behind her back, and Yuno comes to see her. Yuno tells her that she have to test her feet. Yuno takes off her socks, and notice that her feet are sweaty, and they smell really bad. She has to be tortured for that.

Firstly Yuno tested how ticklish Foxy is. And she a lot! After few seconds Foxy starts to scream so loud! Here Yuno tickle her feet on chair.

Scene 2.

Foxy tied on the bed. She got a long tickling on her feet with long Yuno’s nails. After Yuno choose also to check how ticklish her ass hole. Tickling with nails and electrical toothbrush make Foxy screa, and laugh loud, so Yuno put on a Ball gag on her.

Scene 3.

Foxy mummificated, her legs and upper body, so we still can do something with her feets and ass. Her feet tied tightly, toes spreaded and tied too. She got now really hard tickling with nails, paintbrush with oil, hairbrush and toothbrush. Yuno sometimes play a game- she order to Foxy do not make sounds while tckling and do not move her body. Is Foxy strong enough for that& She is very ticklish girl.

At the end Yuno untie her toes, put Foxy on tummy and tickle her ass hole, which put Foxy in really hard suffering, she start to be crazy from all that.

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