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F.B.I. Agent 2 – Another victim in high boots

After the disappearance of Kristy in search of her went another agent – Elina.
She got up through the emergency exit. Going out into the corridor, she felt someone’s presence. But there was no one. After examining the room, she finds an open door and enters it. It looks like Kristy was here. On the shelves are the necessary documents (the shadow appears from behind).
Elina again feels someone’s presence. What to do? Suddenly, from the back the maniac grabs her. He again finds a victim and wants to do something bad with her. He strokes her.
– Now it’s time to play with you… The maniac drags her to the sofa and takes off her outer clothing.

Elina wakes up on the couch – her hands are tied and she’s blindfolded –  the masked guy begins to bind her legs in boots, and then began to tickle Elina’s bare armpits – she laughs because she’s very ticklish there. He is very excited by her legs in long socks and boots, so he slowly takes off one boot and begins to tickle the agent’s beautiful foot. The girl squirms and laughs and pulls back her leg, but he holds her tight.

Now he tickles her with an electric brush – then takes off the second boot and tickles both her feet. Then he unties the knees of the victim, removes one black sock and begins to tickle one bare foot and one in the sock. Then he also uses an electric toothbrush.
After that, he unties Elina’s hands and throws her on the sofa on her stomach, takes off her pants. Her ass is beautiful!
When the jeans were lowered down they remained on her ankles in such a way that he could hold her feet and tickle. He has long enjoyed this wonderful foreshortening – and tickles her feet with brush and hands. It looks very sexy.

Then he takes off her jeans, ties her legs and starts to tickle both feet, behind the agent. Poor girl is very ticklish. At the end, he begins to question her.
– Who do you work for? The girl confesses and hopes that she will be released, but the maniac begins to tickle her even more. It seems that he is not going to stop…

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