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Fear of touching of model Susana - tickling and biting with lick between the legs

Length - 25:54
- 1080P -
Published 20 December, 2021

Meet a new model – Susana.
She has only one phobia – it’s phobia of touching. When she’s tied up her phobia became stronger. If we add tickling we’ll get the most helpless girl in the world.

Susana wiggles from the fact she can’t move and her fear of touches increases. But I don’t care and I’m going to bite her body. I start by tickling her armpits. I use feathers. Next, I go to her feet and also squeeze her ribs. Girl goes crazy and doesn’t know what to do with that new sensations for her.
After that, I bite her hips and careers her between the legs with my tongue through her panties.
She feels nice and moans. Now I again tickle her slightly.

“No, stop it, please!” – she begs.
No, I tickle her feet – now she laughs instead of fearing and moaning. She laughs from feet tickling.
Next, I lubricate her hips with an oil. Now, when the girl is already exhausted I give her the opportunity to get out from the ropes. But she can’t and I tickle her again. She begs me to stop and I release her hands.

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