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Feet of both girls should be licked properly!

Definition - 1080P
Length - 49:55


Yuno goes home with her friend Lana, whom she invited for tea, they talk and Yuno became hungry for feet. Yuno offers to do Lana’s hair. Lana agrees with pleasure. Yuno asks her to sit on the bench and starts to comb Lana’s hair. Yuno asks her if she would agree to let her lick her feet. But Lana refuses and starts to get mad, she finds it disgusting. Yuno stings Lana her with a poison, that prevents her from moving, but can talk. Yuno puts Lana on the bench and calls Stacy to tell her that she has found a good meal. Stacy asks Yuno to wait till she finish her work and come for a meal. Yuno takes off Lana’s boots and socks and begins to lick Lana’s feet, she just can’t wait anymore.

When Stacy arrived, she sees Lana sleeping, but she is barefoot, so Yuno started without her. Stacy starts to insult Yuno, pushes her and bother to see how Stacy will enjoy Lana’s beautiful feet. Yuno accepts, Stacy starts to lick Lana’s feet. But Yuno asks her if she can participate as she is the one who found the feet, but Stacy refuses very annoyed. Stacy tells Yuno that she could have thought putting her in the bedroom would be easier and ask Yuno to help her bring her to the bedroom.

Yuno helps her. In the bedroom Stacy licks Lana’s feet with great pleasure. Then Yuno goes behind Stacy. She pricks Stacy with same poison. Yuno puts Stacy on the bed, lifting her boots and socks, then licking hger feet, sucks all toes. Then she enjoys 4 feet, but Lana wakes up. So Yuno licks 4 feet and laughs like Lana cries and begs, then Stacy wakes up and asks Yuno why she not move, but very pissed off. Yuno goes to get a pillow to make Stacy quite. Then Yuno looks at Lana and tells her if she screams she will end the same and continue to lick the 4 feet.

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