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Definition - 1080P
Length - 28:21

Fetish Thriller: Tickling Inquisition

Ann, a history student in her second year, comes home one evening from her lectures. That day she had a couple of lectures, one was on the Inquisition and their torment methods.
She drops her bag and the only thing she wants to do is sit down at a table and have a drink before relaxing on the couch. Suddenly she receives a strange message on her phone from an old girlfriend who is also her fellow student:

„Hi Ann, very gruesome what they taught us today, isn’t it? Hahaha“
Lightly amused, Ann starts drinking from the glass on her table and replies to that message
„Yes, indeed. How good this is history and we live in another age. I have nothing to fear because I have nothing to confess, hahaha“.
Next message Ann receives: „Don’t be so sure…sweet dreams!“
This strange reply confuses Ann a little but she does not care any further, takes another sip of the drink and continues playing on her phone…until a sudden tiredness overwhelms her so that she cannot do anything but put the phone aside and her head onto the table…

Still not awaken, she finds herself securely tied down on a wooden bench.
The girl lies there in a stretched position so that her naked armpits are exposed.
Her whole body is fixed with ropes onto that device.

A mysterious masked man enters the room, slowly walks to the girl.
The poor girl does not know where she is and who that masked person is. She is scared and cries for help but the man explains to her that it does not make any sense to scream as nobody will hear her.
The inqusition has begin.

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