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Length - 19:19 -
Definition - 1080P

Fight with blinded Iren – bear hug, cradle carry and limping her

Irene enters the room in the slip of an important flash drive. She finds it in her bag and hides it – at this time a man who holds his hands behind and hides something – comes up to her.

She points a gun at him – he pretends that everything is fine but suddenly pulls out a spray gun and hits her in the face – Irene is blinded and the criminal finishes her blows by snatching the gun.

Irene is knocked out and the criminal is playing with her body. He finds a USB stick in her pocket and takes it in the cradle position and carries it in his arms. Then he puts her on a chair, takes off her jacket and plays with her hands and face. When Irene wakes up, the perpetrator chloroforms her and the girl resists violently. After she fell asleep, he takes her on his shoulder and drags her.

Then he puts Irene on the sofa and when she wakes up he hits her several times in the face and strangles her.

Irene is sprawled on the floor. She woke up again but the criminal crept up from behind and grabbed her in a bear hug but gets rebuffed by Irene and one blow in the stomach – but Irene cannot cope with him. She lies again on the floor unconscious and he plays with her body.

Irene wakes up and the perpetrator chloroforms her from behind – Irene fights back violently. He carries her on his shoulder again and then puts her on the bed where he strips Irene and strokes her tender teenage feet.

Irene woke up again and a powerful grip awaits her in suffocation – she resists but unsuccessfully. The offender puts it on the table – lifts the top of the shirt and takes a picture.

When she woke up again – the criminal knocks her out from behind and the haggard Irene resists shaking her breasts in her bra.

In the end, he completely disconnects Irene and puts handcuffs on her hands and leaves.

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