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Fire torture and feet whipping for an unholy witch Darina

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The clip was filmed with a movie camera. There’s naked Darina Nikitina is presented as a witch.

The inquisitor drags the witch caught for witchcraft into the dungeon. He wants her to confess of witchcraft, but she doesn’t admit it. Then the inquisitor rips off her tatters, stripping Darina to naked and takes her away for punishment. In the next shot, Darina is tied up.

The inquisitor enters the dungeon and begins to seek repentance from her by torturing her sexy feet. First, he hits her feet with a bamboo cane, then lights a fire torch and begins to fry her soles. In the end, he again takes the cane and brings Darina to suffering.

The plot of this video is based on our customer’s request who sent us a painting and wished that we did something hard with Darina‘s beautiful feet in this position. Enjoy!

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