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First photoshoot went WRONG - starring Olesya and Alevtina


Length – 44:42 – 1080P

The story in this film tells about two cuties Olesya and Alevtina who came to a photo session in some wilderness, and instead of photographs, they found huge trouble and fell into the maniac’s clutches. He pretended to be a photographer to lure gullible girls into his lair. The realization of all this came to them when they woke up in a room tied on chairs.

Of course, it hasn’t been without a photoshoot, the maniac took pictures of his tied victims, disheveled and frightened, but why did he need these photos?
Will God have mercy and let them escape from this damn trap, or a terrible end awaits them?…
There are several scenes in this film in different locations.

Bondage is carried out in different scenes with different devices as scotch tape, zip-ties, ropes. The clip is story-related, it focuses on cute girls in trouble and subject to strange games by a mysterious maniac.

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