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GAME OVER! Instagram model Emily in NYLON HELL !

Definition - 1080P
Length - 17:56


You asked nearly every day for Instagram model Emily? Okay, we got her back! I texted her asking if she is ready for another shooting. And guess what, in a voice message, she told me that Lisa was tickling her too much last time and that she is worried. I said to her that this time we will make it easier for her. Was I serious to her? No. Did Lisa tickle the s*** of Emily even more this time? Oh hell, yes! Lisa and I tricked the 19 year old girl into 2 super intensive tickling sessions that she will never forget!

Lisa was wearing a winter coat, black jeans and white boots when she arrived in our studio. When I saw that Emily was also wearing nylons under her jeans without any socks, I couldn’t trust my eyes. That looks so hot, OMG!! Her feet had to sweat in this winter boots so much, I thought… This time we used the brush on Emily’s extremely ticklish feet and let me tell you that this tool broke her during the session. She was hypersensitive on her soles with her nylons in combination with the brush. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I heard all the time! Emily was getting super nervous again and her feet started to sweat in these nylons. The whole shooting is actually too hot to describe it in this description. So I will stop texting now, just see for yourself super ticklish Emily in one of the hottest tickle sessions I have ever seen! Emily’s shoe size: 36 (EU) Emily is available for customs!

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