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German TikTok Girl Eva has a Tickle Fetish !

Definition - 1080P
Length - 15:37


Last week I was in the city center with a good friend and saw this girl randomly in a Starbucks Café. She was making TikToks with her girlfriend for a huge number of followers (10.000+). It was a very hot day, so she was wearing High Heels with jeans and a black t-shirt, which got instantly my attention. After some thinking, I was going to her table, where she was still making TikTok videos and asked if she would be down for a shooting with Tickling, Feet and Bondage. She was a bit confused and denied, but after some explanation she surprisingly agreed. After that she was asking me a lot of times, a bit nervous, how I would tickle her in the shooting. Later I would know why she was asking that specific… Information: Eva is a 26-year-old girl which studies international business and is, like I heard, really successful and was already making some money in big company next to studying. She also is very active on TikTok with a high number of followers. In this Video: After taking her shoes and socks off, I started to tickle her. Eva is really ticklish under her perfect, soft size 39 feet.

She reacted very intense, but I noticed something which I have never seen before. During the tickling, she started moaning! She tried to grab her jeans with her hands every time. Her feet and hands were already moving a lot, but when I started to tickle her with the brush, the German TikTok Girl was like paralyzed. The moaning/screaming are getting more intense for her and switched to something higher. After some time I got her a little break and asked her if everything is ok and she was just answering “I’m a bit embarrassed to talk about it, let’s just say I have a fetish when someone tickles my feet… But really please let us don’t talk about it ok?” WOW, this is huge! A hot German University Girl with a Tickle Fetish? One of the HOTTEST reactions I have ever seen in my life! DON’T MISS THIS ONE!

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