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Gold Tickling Collection – Anna Ticklish Nightmare

This clips compilation includes 3 Full Clips With Anna + Unpublished

Anna‘s Ticklish nightmare – laugh, scream and panic
Lovely girl Anna participates in the tickling video for the first time and gives an interesting interview. She tells about her relation to the tickling, and how ticklish she is. She is dressed in a short top and shorts. The whole procedure will take place on a massage table, where I will check her sensitivity. At the beginning, easy tickling while sitting, even from small touches she laughs a lot and barely holding on.
Next I will have to tie the victim to the table – fixing the arms and legs – I began to tickle her inevitably and the effect was amazing: wild laughter and screams!
As she spoke, she’s ticklish as hell – the laughter deafened me literally.
Such a reaction has been very exciting so I continued. Tickling armpits – I tickle her back inexorably to the cries!
Tickling Belly – to made her calm down a bit I tickled her with pink feathers, and then switched to a very intensive tickling.
The last and the most unusual position: hands caught between the legs, and I tickled her belly and feet just a little. Well, this is the most amazing reaction that I’ve seen lately.

Anna‘s Tickle Nightmare 2 – Ticklish feet – Lickish feet
Ticklish Anna is ready for a new tickle attack! She’s lying on the same massage table like in the first clip, her legs tied and her feet are looking towards me. I’m starting to slightly move my fingers on her soles. Mmm, her feet are so sexy and ticklish…
She starts to laugh as if it was the best thing that happened to her in life. I’ve been tickling her feet, and then change the shooting angle on side view. Here’s her hysterical reaction is visible clearly. She laughs and yells from the tickling.
Next I want to tickle her feet with my tongue and bite them too, I’m starting to do it with greed, and Anna gets a new batch of tickling and excitement from that.
I tickled her toes with my tongue and biting them.

Anna‘s Last Ticklish Therapy! – Panic Laugh, Hogtied and Topless
Anna returns! In this clip will be made complete tickling therapy of her graceful body and real tickle torture too. After such treatment Anna blew her voice but she really enjoyed it.
I begin with hogtie – Anna lies on a table, and I tickle her feet and then tickle her belly from under the table. It’s so sexy… Then I tickle her feet with a comb and Anna is truly suffering from that. Then I bite and lick her soles – that was hard for her, because her feet are very ticklish.
Then I continue tickling her on a massage table. I decided to make a more tickling since this angle is completely showing Anna‘s reaction. I tickle her ribs. She squirms and even tries to escape. But that’s fine. I go again torturing her using a feathers and my fingers, and tickle her sensitive ribs. Next tickle her knees and feet.
Finally, already exhausted Anna crucified on the cross. She wears only panties. I’m starting touching her feet and tickle her toes. Then I move to the belly and armpits, and her breasts. Her reaction makes me very excited. I tickle her body with my hands untill I’m all tired out… Long-term therapy is finished!

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