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Good Job At Cleaning My Feet Slave Girl


Length - 16:11
- 2160P -
Published 29 May, 2022

Mistress Angela has returned home from a long walk downtown. After looking around in shops and enjoying the luxury life every beautiful woman deserves, she is ready for some rest. She comes up with an interesting idea to make her feel better. Given that her feet are very sore and sweaty, she would like to give them a proper treatment to relax her arches. For this task, Angela decides to use Molly, her personal foot slave girl, who will deliver a nice massage to her soles and in that way discharge all the stress and also remove the grime accumulated on them. Unfortunately for Molly, first her Mistress wants to have her sandals cleaned, so the slave girl must swallow all the dust stuck on her Goddess dirty shoes without complaining.

Angela, on the other hand, decides to read a magazine and ignores Molly while she works. She is really accustomed to humiliating her slaves on a daily basis and does not show any sign of remorse or pity towards them. In fact, all the time Angela is devising new ways to increase the challenge and in that way degrade poor Molly even more. Once Molly has finished cleaning Angela’s sandals, she is commanded to take them off to clean her Goddess’ precious soles. Angela’s feet look so dirty and disgusting, indeed, she has walked barefoot on purpose just to have fun with her servant girl.

Molly tries her best to satisfy her Goddess’ expectations and begins eating the grime off Angela’s feet thoroughly. She definitely puts a lot of effort into licking those soft soles and sniffing between Angela’s toes while her Mistress can’t help smirking at her for how pathetic and insignificant she looks. To make things worse, Angela takes pictures using her smartphone to show her friends so that they can have a good laugh afterwards. At the end, Angela’s feet look impeccable and she feels more relaxed and ready for the next session with her devoted servant girl.

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