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Healthy Girl Estelle is more Ticklish than Expected

Healthy Girl Estelle is more Ticklish than Expected


Length : 10:48

Estelle is Laurine’s best friend. She is a very healthy and sportive girl. She does fitness, jogging, she eats a lot of vegetables, she takes care of her body … and she thinks that she is a tough girl.

Well, not at all ! She came a first time with Laurine without knowing that she was ticklish. This time, she’s aware of her ticklishness, yet she agreed to come back. After torturing Laurine with the help of Sara, it’s her turn to go through the stocks. Estelle is tickled by the girls, she tries to resist as long as she can, but at the end, she laughs like a little girl 😛 !

At first, she is tickled by Laurine and Sara with many tools: brushes, gloves … Not enough to totally break the victim. But when Estelle is blindfolded and has her feet oiled, the tickling is too hard to handle. Estelle laughs hysterically, she yells at her tormentors and at the end the poor girl is completely exhausted.
Now that the besties have both endured the tickle torture in the stocks, it’s time for them to welcome Sara 😉 !

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