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Helga – The winner is tickler – The looser is ticklee


Length - 21:10
- 1080P -
Published 31 January, 2022

The rules are simple – who won the loser and tickles! Yes, on these conditions we agreed to play soccer with Helga on the X-box.
I chose Barcelona and Helga – Real Madrid. And what do you think? Yeah … Only in such El Classico here Messi has scored 8 goals and Cristiano Ronaldo was removed on the 8 minutes for a rough tackle.

So I tied loser Helga to the couch pretty hard. But then I realized that it was necessary to bind her even more …
She’s super sensitive to tickling, I lashed out at her feet with a toothbrush and started tickling her roughly. Helga exploded with laughter, much twitching, and very gracefully swinging her body on the couch.
My friend even had to hold her legs while I tickle her toes and her big soles – so dramatically Helga jerked. We tickled her feet without interruption for almost 10 minutes and then decided to tickle also the stomach and armpits together. I’m still tickled her feet and friend explored her armpits and belly – it was a super spectacle, we were both very excited because of such reaction. Poor Helga writhed in agony from our touch, she begged to stop and give her at least a small break, but we were deaf to her moans and tickled her like maniacs !

Once we were satisfied tickling her feet, we decided to do it more tightly under the armpits and ribs. I sat on top of her, and one was holding her hands and I began to tickle her sides and she almost threw me off the couch in a fit of pulse wobble. Then we changed places with each other. He sat on her and began to tickle and Helga began to raise him, from the outside it looked like a rodeo. After 20 minutes of the tough tickling we decided to stop, Helga was visibly squeezed like a lemon. But it was her fault – she didn’t know how to play soccer on the X-box…
CAUTION! Very ticklish reaction!

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