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H&K in the tickle Box !

Length - 05:04
- 480P -
Published 12 October, 2022

As the success of our crazy tickle clip store idea caught on among my main circle of friends, various friends-of-friends learned about it as well. H&K was dating my buddy Dave (who helps me tickle her in this clip), and man was that lucky for LOL!
H&K was an up-and-coming corporate attorney at the time these were shot. She was super bright, competitive, and the undisputed alpha female of her social and professional circle, apparently since high school. As it turned out, H&K was not only ticklish but also someone who *really* enjoyed tickling her friends (and mine) many times over the next few years.

This clip is H&K’s first LOL appearance and her first time restrained and tickled, as well as the first appearance of the LOL tickle box. After this, H&K shot many more clips and was also responsible for recruiting our most ticklish and popular 20-something models.

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