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Length - 16:17 -
Definition - 1080P

Home girl – Ticklish game in her bedroom

She has a funny laugh and she’s very shy and cute. In general, she is a very nice and modest girl.

This clip consists of two parts. In the first part, this young brunette sits on the floor, and her legs are tied to the bed. Hands are tied to the feet. I tickle her small (size 5) feet with my hands and a comb. And she bursts into a funny and sweet laugh.

In the next part of the clip, she lies on her stomach, her hands are tied with a duct tape in her wrists, and her ankles are tied also with the tape. I sit down on her legs from above and intensely tickle her petit soles. She sweats from the tickling. At the very end, she lies face to the camera and I tickle her feet a little more.
It turned out a cute home video, enjoy!

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