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Length - 30:10 -
Definition - 1080P

How dare you tie me up?

Olivia is a business woman. They had a meeting with Drake. Olivia enters and see- this is strange room. Wtf is happening. Drake grabs and bondages her, Olivia protests and tries to resist. He bondage her arms, tape gagged her around the head , legs tightly tied together. Olivia left to struggle on the bed, she moves so sexy in her blouse, skirt and nylon pantyhose. Then she goes from the bed and jump on tiptoes to other room.

She hops on the tips of toes till the door, tries to scream and get help, but nobody is there. Here Drake got her again she doesn’t like it and tries to escape, brings her to the bed and put her in tight hogtie where she is bended well. English conversations and onscreen tying (tape bondage only).

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