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"I hate the oil on my feet!" Intense Hogtied session for Katarina !

Length - 21:56
- 1080P -
Published 20 November, 2022

Our 18 year old student Katarina is in an intense hogtied position. She never had any experience with positions like this in her whole life and was very nervous before the session. I put the handcuffs very tightly around her wrists this time and connected them with the cuffs from her ankles, so she was completely helpless and couldn’t move. Her long fingernails were so close to her feet, that SHE CONSTANTLY TOUCHED HER OWN SOLES WITH HER NAILS. When I took off her shoes, I directly noticed HOW SWEATY HER WHITE ANKLE SOCKS ARE. They even smelled extremely, and I could guess directly that she was wearing her Adidas Sneakers all day.

You can see every little detail in the video! I started tickling her and Katarina laughed immediately! This girl was definitely not enjoying this position. She moved her fingernails very hysterically during the whole session. I think it’s a tick of hers when I tickle her soft soles that she has to hectically move her fingers all the time! I started to use the baby oil and the brush and Katarinas reaction changed. “Ahahahahahahahaha” her face started to turn red, her hair started to sweat and she laughed even more! After the session she just said to me “I HATE THE OIL ON MY FEET, IT FEELS SO WEIRD TO ME”. Don’t miss this intense session with our 18 year old student girl! Katarina is available for customs!

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