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“I will tie her and I tickle until no one sees” Part 2 – Return to the lair (tickling and foot worship)

By Dero

The sequel of the clip “I will tie her and I tickle until no one sees“ – Ameliya got taken for ransom. Part 1 (FULL HD MP4), where the girl was near the forest. And now she falls into a lair of the bandit.
He pulls the bound Ameliya out of the trunk and carries her into his place. Here he puts her blindfolded on a chair. Her mouth is gagged. He begins to bind the girl – hands, knees, and ankles.

Now he intends to find her phone and contact her step-father for a ransom. He spends a little conversation on the phone threatening her and holding the phone to her face and taking out the gag so that her step-father will be convinced. Ameliya groans and tries to say something…
After the end of the conversation, the criminal comes up to her feet in pink sneakers. He takes them off and sniffs greedily before taking off the socks and then starts to lick her sweaty feet.
Finally, he greedily licks and sucks her toes, then takes a feather and begins to tickle her feet and toes. Then he does the same thing with a comb.

Now he leaves her alone and Ameliya struggles and frees up, she escapes and walks to the window where she calls her step-dad, but she does not have time to send him a location – the gangster grabs her from behind and knockout. She slides down, and he takes off her shirt, leaving her in a bra.

He pulls the girl on a leather mattress and takes off her jeans – Ameliya is still tired. He hogties her. Now Amelia awakes from the drooling lips at her feet – he licks her feet again.
In the end, he continues to mock her. He strikes her several times with a whip and a paddle and then tickles her feet with a comb stronger than before. And in the end, he tickles her sides and the poor girl squirms in vain.

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