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Karol Georgia and Ida Bundle


Karol Georgia and Ida Bundle

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This time it's Karol's turn to meet - well, to meet again, to be honest - the stocks ! She's as ticklish as before, even more ! Ida and Georgia both suffered a lot and they are ready to get their revenge ... in a way Karol will never forget ! The girls both tickle the ecuadorian's feet with their fingers, then with every tools they can find ! Karol is simply too ticklish to resist to any of them, they all drive the poor victime crazy ! After some time she even get oiled and blindfolded, only to get some more laughs and screams ! Welcome back in our town, Karol ;-) !
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Length : 10:35
It's now Georgia's turn to meet the stocks ! Well, it's not exactly her first experience into them since I shot with her and Karol a few times ago, unfortunately, I lost the tape when my computer broke, so ... this is the first sequence I can officially present with this girl coming from Kenya ! She is very ticklish everywhere and her feet are no exception. She reacts sometimes in a strange way but you can easily see that she's suffering from the tickling! Karol and Ida torment her in many ways, and the girl ends the scene a bit upset off-record. But she will soon get a well-deserved revenge on Karol ...
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Length : 10:37
Karol is back in town for her final exam, and she decided to visit us one last time, this time with two of her close friends which also are foreign students ! Ida is the first one to meet the stocks ! This 19 years old girl is coming straight from Mexico, and she's as cute as she's ticklish ! She's a bit afraid of the stocks, knowing that her feet are very ticklish, but she gathers all her courage and take a ride into the torture device. Unfortunately, her friends are not going easy on the poor girl ... (read more below)
$10,00 $7,00

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