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Kate Anima enjoys and punishes Darya’s feet

By John
Kate Anima offered her 19-year-old friend Darya to have some fun. She meant BDSM and foot-fetish and Darya didn’t mind.
The clip begins when Darya is already fixed with straps on a bench and Kate approaches her. Darya is clearly in Kate’s taste. Kate really likes to see her in this position because now she can do whatever she wants with her. Kate squeezes her young victim, and then comes to her bare feet, she admires them, sometimes licks and bites them.

Kate is excited and sweetly kisses Darya in her lips. Then she takes a whip and starts hitting her feet. Darya loves what’s happening. A pleasure alternates with pain. Kate whips Darya’s feet and then kisses and licks them. She repeats it several times, then kisses her lips again and shut her mouth with a ball gag.
Then Kate takes a bamboo cane. Darya suffers painful blows but she likes Kate’s game. Kate is a little nervous and hits her new girlfriend pretty hard. Then she removes the gag from and kisses her sensually, and then again takes the cane and makes her count the blows out loud. For the first time, Darya learned what bastinado is and found out that her pain threshold is rather high.

After whipping, Kate Anima begins to passionately lick and caress Darya’s feet, they turned red a little after the blows and became very attractive. After Kate got enough of her feet, she takes a comb and starts scraping her soles intensely. Darya isn’t happy with that and Kate gets excited even more.

After that, Kate takes two candles and begin a fire . She moves burning candles near Darya’s soles and drips a hot wax on them. After Kate has played enough with her feet, she once again kisses Darya’s lips and leaves her alone… Enjoy!

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