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Katrina in trouble - Tonya and Alevtina teach her a tickling lesson

Length - 16:56
- 1080P -
Published 10 November, 2022

By John

Katrina misbehaved, so decided her neighbour friends – Alevtina and Tonya. After all, she constantly leaves her stuff around all of their flat, which is very annoying. And so they decided to teach her a lesson…

Katrina is bound on the bed in “I” position, her arms and legs are fixed in leather cuffs. Tonya and Alevtina approach their victim, looking forward to the fun. The ticklers sit on top of Katrina, one tickling her upper body, the other tickling Karina’s bare feet. Periodically, the girls change places.

In the process of tickling, Tonya begins to have a tickling interest in Alevtina, having time to tickle her too. Alevtina also responds to her girlfriend and it even happens that two ticklers tickle each other, forgetting about their ticklee.
Enjoy !

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