Kristina tied topless to a post and moans from sweet compulsory orgasms


Length - 14:20 - 1080P

Kristina is topless and securely tied to a post with plenty of jute ropes. She wears only transparent panties on her tanned body. This sweet girl herself asked us to do this with her! Recently she watched a video and wanted to experience something similar to what the heroine experienced in that film.

In general, Kristina won’t go anywhere from the pole, she is full of anticipation and a big red ballgag inserted into her mouth will make her moans even brighter. In the beginning, Masked man flogs her tits with a whip, then puts a Magic Wand fixed on the counter to her crotch, turns it with full power, and leaves Kristina alone making her falling into the sweet abyss of her orgasms. Enjoy!

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