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Kristy’s foot arches long tickling

Length - 40:48
- 1080P -
Published 25 August, 2022

By Dero

Continuing a series of tickling arches of the girls’ feet – we go to the next model, Kristy, who is afraid of being restrained. Here we will also focus on tickling her feet.

Kristy is in a straitjacket, there is a gag in her mouth and a blindfold. Her feet are placed on a crossbar, and her pinky toes are tied in such a way that they are stretched down. Her big toes are also tied. I’ll tickle her with my fingers, a pen, a brush, and some oil.

Tickling foot arches on tiptoes. Kristy in jeans and a short top is tiptoeing – her feet are tied and she needs to endure the tickling. I will use an electric brush and fingers to tickle. Then Kristy squats and I tickle her again.

Lying on the stomach. Kristy’s hands are tied behind the back. Her legs are still tied and I keep Kristy’s feet in one position so that her toes are bent back. I will tickle her foot arches with various objects, as well as my hands.

Kristy on a device. Her hands are tied at the back — a ballgag is in her mouth, and her legs are tied, her big toes are bent back. Pinky toes stretched in different directions. In this position I will use several devices including a massage brush with cream, providing a delicate slip on her feet.

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