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Laurine the Diva Punished in the Stocks

Laurine the Diva Punished in the Stocks


Length : 10:09

Let me introduce you Laurine ! Laurine is a 22 years old ticklish little blond girl (she is 1.53 meters tall), with an attitude. It’s not the first time she visit us, she already came a first time but I lost the tape when my computer crashed. However, she agreed to come once again, with her best friend and a third model, to endure some tickle torture !

To be honest, Laurine might be a very kind girl, she is also a bit annoying. She’s the kind of girl that always complain, like you’ll see in this video. When she first came, she told me that she thought she was 100% not ticklish. Well, she was wrong, and now that she knows how sensitive she is, it is very difficult to put her in the stocks. She won the toss and decided to go first, hoping that it would help her while her friends know that they are going next. The girl fights hard to keep her laugh, but she is too ticklish. She also is very upset when her friends brush, taunt and tickle the hell out of her. Not so much screams at first, but once the blindflod is on, it’s another story ! It’s the first time a girl stops the scene without my consent. Hopefully it was just a few seconds before the end. But that fact shows how painfull it is to her to be a poor tickle victim.

Laurine is the kind of girl you wouldn’t stop tickling cause she deverses an attitude adjustment (and John Cena’s way is not the only one 😉 ) !

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