Leya and Tonya tickle their lovely girlfriend Fekla


Length – 10:00 – 1080 P

Guys, this is nonsense! We completely forgot that we have unpublished footage from the very first shoot of Leya, Tonya, and Fekla. It was a summer day of 2017 when the three girls came to us. They were each 18 years old. We can say that it was the day when their careers in fetishes began.

In this video, Fekla is fixed on the bed in a spread eagle, and the two remaining girlfriends Leya and Tonya tickle the poor thing. Fekla laughs and squeals, it looks like the ticklers have got a taste. In the first scene, Fekla’s upper body is tickled. In the second scene, her feet are tickled and the girls occasionally bite her toes.

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