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Leya, Astrid and Alevtina got into the clutches of vile tickler Luca part 1 – Tickling their lovely feet

Length - 29:16
- 1080P -
Published 2 November, 2022

By John. Made by request

The first part of the story. Three beauties LeyaAstrid, and Alevtina fall into the clutches of a vile and nasty tickler Luca.
He ties their hands and feet and puts them in a row on a bench, and then removes their sneakers and socks from their feet. With their own socks, he shuts their mouths and fixes them with tape over their lips. He also ties their big toes together. After all this, he lubricates their bare feet with oil and begins to tickle them with his hands, and hair combs.

The girls squeal, laugh, anger. A desire to take revenge accumulates in them, but they are helpless and the only thing they can do is laugh out loud from touching their feet with various kinds of tickling devices of Luca. Having had enough of tickling, the tickler decides to give them a break and leaves to take even more tickling devices, but damn it, the girls managed to free themselves and they are determined to take revenge… Leaving them alone was Luca’s fatal mistake. To be continued…

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