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Length - 30:09 -
Definition - 1080P

Leya’s revenge for her unfaithful boyfriend – lesson 2

The second lesson for the unfaithful Dietrich, the very Leya’s boyfriend who dared to cheat on her. A lot of time has passed since the events of the first part, and now again, the boyfriend who swore allegiance couldn’t resist being in hugs of another girl, even though he has such beauty as Leya.

But Leya is not one of the timid, she again resorts to the help of her best friends Alevtina and Olesya in order to punish the unfaithful asshole Dietrich again.

The clip begins with Dietrich standing in the middle of a dark basement in a vertical X position wearing only his underpants. His arms are raised and fixed at the top, his legs are fixed to the beam. He is also gagged tightly. It’s a humiliating pose and Leya did it on purpose.

This time, the unfaithful Dietrich will definitely not get off with just tickling, he will be insulted, slapped in the face, humiliated, and beaten by an angry Leya and her best friends. The little ones don’t deny themselves the pleasure of making fun of the handsome gagged asshole. Let you not feel sorry for him, he deserves it completely. Enjoy!

The video is fully subtitled in English.

Part 1 is here

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