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Leya’s Revenge on her unfaithful boyfriend

In this story clip, the story revolves around Leya’s betrayal and revenge. Here, male tickling is tightly intertwined with femdom and humiliation. Girls have maximum fun, not limiting themselves in anything. The video is fully subtitled in English, the largest number of subtitles we’ve ever made!

The plot begins with Leya seeing her boyfriend meeting another girl. Her heart is broken because she dreamed of being with him forever, but her prodigal boyfriend had a different opinion about their relationships, even though they already lived together and were gradually thinking about the wedding. Leya decided to teach her cheating boyfriend a lesson so that he would remember for a long time how bad he did. The next morning, her boyfriend Dietrich sits at home and while Leya is not around he talks on the phone with his mistress, with whom he recently spent a romantic date. Leya suddenly enters the room and Dietrich pretends to be on the phone with his boss. Leya sits down next to him listening to the conversation and carefully asks her fiance if she is only one for him. Dietrich dodges, he’s cunning, pouring sweet lies into Leya’s ears, but Leya can’t be fooled, she already knows everything. Besides, she overheard his conversation standing outside the door. It was the last straw.

– Honey, I brought you coffee

Dietrich drinks and his mind goes cloudy. He falls asleep under the influence of a horse shot of a substance added to the coffee. Leya makes a call.

– Hello, Alevtina. Take Olesya quickly and come, I really need you. I want you to help me punish my boyfriend…

Dietrich wakes up in the basement on the bed. He is bound by hands and legs. The first thing he sees in front of him is the evil eyes of his girlfriend Leya. It looks like the traitor is going to have hard times…

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