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Length - 44:25 -
Definition - 1080P

Lift and carry – Medical inspection of Topless Klavdia

1. Playing with napping Klavdia

Agent Klavdia in a red catsuit goes on a mission. In search of a doctor who got crazy and puts terrible experiments on people. He caught a student recently and tickled her, but she managed to escape. So the agent Klavdia is on alert and carefully steps into the abandoned factory.
As soon as she passed the corridor, the mad scientist pounced on her. He put his hand over her mouth, but Klavdia resisted. She moaned and shook her hands, but in vain. The doctor pushed her down onto the cold floor and began examining her mouth and eyes. He shook her relaxed head and hands. Then he left her for a while.

When Klavdia woke up on the floor, she didn’t understand what’s going on, she went straight to find a way out. But the scientist overtook her again. He mocked her, covered her mouth with his hand again, and knocked her out after resistance. He dragged her onto a broken, dirty chair and spread her legs. He unbuttoned her suit, revealing Klavdia’s gorgeous breasts. He admired her beauty, played with her body, and rubbed her thighs. The doctor checked her eyes and opened her mouth. Klavdia seemed gorgeous to him in this state. He left her again.

Klavdia woke up, zipped up her suit, and walked on. She was dizzy. In the doorway, the mad doctor knocked her out again and performed the same manipulations. Then he took her into a cradle carry and carried her inside, placing her on the table.
He stripped the agent and began to play with her. Enjoying her beautiful view, he studied her mouth, tits, legs, and feet. The red boots were also removed. He left her again.
Klavdia woke up and began to put on the underwear and suit lying next to her. As soon as she finished, she was knocked out from behind. A medical examination was awaiting her now…

2. Medical examination

The mad doctor was ready and Klavdia was relaxed on the massage table. The light gradually turned on, illuminating her skin.
The doctor went up to her and examined her eyes, shining a flashlight. He opened her mouth… Klavdia was napping. The doctor put an oxygen mask over her mouth. Klavdia didn’t wake up. He opened Klavdia’s mouth and checked her pulse. The girl rested deeply. He unbuttoned her suit and began to massage her abdomen.
He took a stethoscope and checked her breasts, and then massaged her body again. He tapped his fingers on Klavdia’s stomach. Then he rolled her onto her side and began to massage her upper body with wavy movements.

He made a journal entry and spoke it out loud: “The patient is not stable. I’ll try to inject her with a strong steroid ”
He took out a syringe and applied it. After a while, Klavdia woke up, but couldn’t move. The doctor asked her questions: “How do you feel?”
“Fine”, the girl replied. The doctor shone a flashlight into Klavdia’s eyes and continued.
“How are you feeling in general? Do you see a veil in your eyes?”, he asked.
Klavdia could only answer monotonously: “Everything is fine. All right”
The doctor began to touch her belly, enjoying the fact that she couldn’t move. The crazy doctor wanted just that result. Klavdia was conscious, but not herself.
He put on her an oxygen mask with the words “Time to breathe”. And Klavdia fell resting again…

Then he began to massage her stomach and body again. The Doctor then applied electrodes to Klavdia’s chest. Her body trembled, but she didn’t wake up.
Pleased with himself, he wrote down the results in a journal and put a sign on her toe with the words “Target Neutralised” and left.

1. Playing with napping Klavdia Agent Klavdia in a red catsuit goes on a mission. In search of a doctor who got crazy and puts...

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