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Length - 29:20 -
Definition - 1080P

Linda got knocked out by foot limping maniac

Are you a limp and foot fetish lover? Then you will like this clip, because here’re these two fetishes are mixed. Also throughout the clip, napping Linda snores loudly.

1st scene. Linda is a student, dusting her room. Her neighbor spies on her through an ajar door. When Linda notices that she is being watched, she gets angry and slams the door. Her neighbor turns out to be a foot limping maniac, and he decides to play with the beauty Linda, who keeps him in a friend zone. He comes up to her from behind, slaps her on the shoulder, she turns and he knockss her out. Linda turns off and the maniac begins to enjoy the sight of her sexy feet. Having admired them properly, he decides to take Linda to his place, away from prying eyes.

2nd scene. The maniac brings Linda to his basement and puts her on the bed. The babe still rests and snores. He continues to enjoy her feet, massages them in different ways, the camera shoots her feet from different angles. During this time, Linda snores heavily.

3rd scene. Linda is in a bikini on her stomach. Her legs are tied to a bedframe. Linda wakes up, he knocks her out again.

Linda rests again and snores. The maniac is still playing with her feet, applying cream, rubbing, massaging, rubbing with a brush, and Linda is still snoring showing no other reaction. At the end, Linda wakes up and gets knocked out again.
That’s a fairy tale, enjoy!

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