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Liquidation of agent Leya. Interrupted attempt of her penetration on a secret Fetish studio

The story: Police agent Leya is trying to uncover an underground society that tickle torments women b request from anonymous clients. She penetrates the secret studio but she got caught sneaking around and captured.
They also don’t like that she’s a cop so they want to teach her a lesson but to also show her what exactly it is that they do. And also since she’s a cop, the “boss” wants to dine and “feast” off her soles.

The video starts off with her snooping around and investigating until she is caught and captured by one of the bad guys.
He tied her to a pole and decided to call the boss:
– Hi boss. You wouldn’t believe but I just caught one bitch who’s a cop actually, so listen as she sweetly moos with her gagged mouth.
Ok boss, I’m waiting for you. Yes, I’ll prepare this little bitch for the “feast”.
Masked man tickles Leya’s upper body while she is tied to a pole. Cutie twitches and squeals sexually.

In the next scene, Leya lies on the floor with her legs tied to a pole. The bad guy cleans her feet and lubricates them abundantly with oil. He uses a paintbrush and cooking oil, to prepare her feet. After that, he takes a hair dryer
– I’ll fry your heels, baby!
He begins to fry Lea’s feet with a hairdryer to tenderize her soles…
Then the bad guy calls the “boss” and says she’s ready.

When the boss arrived, Agent Leya is already bound eagle spread on the bed.
– Excellent work, I see that you prepared her feet very well. I’m hungry already so let’s start the feast!
The boss chooses one foot and the bad guy chooses the other.
Napkins are draped over Leya’s feet and cover them. When the boss and bad guy sit at each foot, they tuck in the napkins into their collars and remove the napkin from her feet revealing her feet for the feast.
He takes a seat as well as the bad guy and admires her soles for a bit after removing the napkin telling her how she made a big mistake coming here and that he’s been looking forward to tasting her soles and that her being a cop won’t save her.
They start off with a jar of honey and a paintbrush and slowly start to apply honey on top her soles and toes. Then they slowly lick it off. I would love to see nice long slow licks up the entire length of her sole from heel to the toes. And the boss and bad guy are enjoying and savoring the taste. In between applications of honey, the boss grabs strawberries and runs it up and down her honey covered soles to get honey on the strawberry and eats it and does this a couple times and as well as the bad guy.
Then they apply whip cream with a brush to her soles and the same thing, slowly lick it and enjoying it. And they do this a couple times to reapply whip cream and lick it off. In between applications of whip cream, the boss and bad guy grab strawberries and run it up and down her whip cream covered soles to get whip cream on the strawberry and eat it and do this a couple times randomly.

After all, this is done the boss and the bad guy licks her soles clean and tell her that her soles were the most delicious soles they had and that if she comes back, this will all happen again and that her being a cop won’t save her. Then the boss uses a marker and writes “your soles were tasty” and the bad guy draws little happy faces on her toes. Then they leave her resting on the bed after this exhausting ticklish feast…

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