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Length - 14:39 -
Definition - 1080P

Lisa vs Katarina Tickle Battle! Part 2 “Please, not my feet !”

You want to see LISA getting TICKLED so much? OKAY, WE HEARD YOU! 18 year old student girl Lisa vs. 18 year old student girl Katarina! Lisa: European Age: 18 years Height: 1,68m Shoe size: 36 (EU) Favorite shoes: Nike Air Character facts: Social behavior, dominant, loves to tickle older girls Weak spots: Feet (extremely), armpits, neck, legs “I am afraid of Katarina that she takes a serious revenge on me, but I know her weak spots and how ticklish she is!” Katarina: European Age: 18 years Height: 1,74m Shoe size: 39 (EU) Favorite shoes: Adidas Stan Smith Character facts: Funny behavior, nervous about tickling, loves to go to the gym Weak spots: Feet, rips, legs “I talked with Sophie before this shooting and promised her to tickle the f*** out of Lisa. This one is personal!” In the first part, you will see Lisa and Katarina tickle each other in socks.

You can already see the girl’s ticklish, weak sports! The two young girls tickle each other is such a sweet way, LISA is laughing and GETTING DOMINATED at the same time! In the second part, things get more serious when both take out their socks and try to tickle each other soft soles. Lisa has a little advantage as she has her effective long red fingernails, but Katarina wants the revenge on Lisa! Its getting intense! What else can I say? We made it possible: LISA FEET REVEAL, LISA TICKLE REVEAL, 18 YEAR OLD STUDENT GIRLS TICKLE BATTLE! THIS IS A MUST-HAVE VIDEO!

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