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Little sister tickles her older 28 year old sister Sophie! "Lisa, stop it!"

Length - 22:10
- 1080P -
Published 9 November, 2022

Last weekend I met our new main tickler, Lisa, an 18 year old girl who will now be part of our journey! She is a young student and loves to tickle other girls, especially older ones. For her to be able to dominate older female students with tickling is something special! Best conditions for upcoming videos? YES! Our first victim is Sophie, a 28-year-old medical student. She agreed to the shoot, but had no idea how intense tickling can be. At first, she enjoyed the tickling with Lisa’s long red nails on her soft feet. But when she used the brush, Sophie’s emotions exploded and she couldn’t hold it in! She said, “Lisa, stop it!!!” several times during this session. Sophie’s armpits are the next area Lisa targeted. Lisa’s long nails are super effective in her armpits, and she burst out laughing. You can clearly see in this video how intense the session is for Sophie, as her armpits were super sweaty and the sides of her top got really wet. After the shoot, she asked me if it was okay because she was a bit ashamed that she was sweating so much during this session. I would also like to mention that her feet are extremely soft and just some of the most beautiful feet I have ever seen in my life! Enjoy the video with poor Sophie and 18 year old Lisa as the mean tickler! Sophie is available for customs!

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